Ben and Farmer Mike

In 2009, when Jim and Ben founded MM Local, they started with the Harvest Share program. Built on the philosophy of inspiring stronger community connections in order to make it easier for all to eat local food, all year round, the Harvest Share program has been a vital building block for MM Local and has created a wonderful community for so many of us.

Since day one, the value within the program has always stemmed from the direct benefit the program has created for our local family farmers. To put that benefit in perspective, we estimate the Harvest Share program has helped us purchased nearly one million pounds of Colorado produce.

As MM Local has grown, and our ability to finance produce through our sales later in the season has expanded, the impact of the Harvest Share program has refocused. Early season produce purchases have always been a vital aspect of the Harvest Share idea. But today, as we become such a significant partner for the farmers with whom we work, our ability to make our commitments earlier in the season grows increasingly vital. More than ever before, we can impact local agriculture by committing to purchase produce early in the year when uncertainty is greatest for our local growers. Because of the importance of early season commitments to our farmers, and to fairly reflect the tremendous commitment from many of our customers who sign up every year in February and March, we are shortening our season for Harvest Share sales.

Starting this summer, Harvest Share sales will close in July. This change will allow us to make our commitments to growers earlier in the year. It will help our farmers to have a greater understanding of their market while our commitment to them can make the greatest impact. And, it will better reflect the idea at the core of the program – that financing produce purchases in advance of the harvest can make a big difference.

By purchasing a Harvest Share between the months of January and July, Harvest Share members have the opportunity to make the greatest impact on local agriculture, when capital support is at its most needed. Once August is upon us, our production becomes in full swing, preserving the best of the harvest for you to enjoy throughout the year! So, be sure to purchase your harvest share between now and July 20th – we have price increases at the beginning of every month, so the sooner, the better!