hand canning tomatoes

Co-founder Ben Mustin and his friend Rebecca peeling field ripe tomatoes back in 2009. 

At MM Local, we believe that making food should be a process that brings people together, and we’ve found that nothing brings people together more than food that tastes amazing. That’s one big reason why our tomato products are so near and dear to our hearts. Canned tomatoes, especially during the tomato-bleak winter, light up and bring depth to so many dishes; braises, sauces, stews, soups, chilis…the list goes on.

We’ve been making tomatoes at MM Local since year one. Back in 2009, we started making our tomatoes with a simple idea – get great, ripe tomatoes and don’t mess them up. Central to what we do, and why we do it.

So, when tomatoes come rolling in to the MM Local cannery in September, our team works quickly to preserve the super-ripe fruit with basilrosemary, or simply diced in its own juice. By preserving tomatoes at the height of vine-fresh-ripeness, we have products that retain their summery taste well into the depths of a snowy, cold winter. The freshness of these tomatoes brings out an incredible flavor and brightness to so many dishes. Quite frankly, these tomatoes have quickly become the star of many kitchen endeavors.

Without further ado, this one goes out to all the home-cooks out there. As you whip up meals for one, two or a dozen, you know that the quality of your ingredients are pretty dang important. Really, they should be the number one priority. Fresh ingredients not only give your meals unbeatable flavor, but they also pack more nutrient value to your dishes. Who doesn’t want that?

We can’t imagine our kitchens without them. We know that your home-cooking (and dinner guests) will thank you.

The Early Bird Catches the Worm: Harvest Sharing

tomato harvest

Our farmers are revving up for the spring planting season! While Colorado is still warming up, they’re fine-tuning planting timelines, buying seeds and even starting to greenhouse some early crops. To help ‘em out a little during this time, we give them 10% from early Harvest Share sales as capital. This makes our early Harvest Share members especially important.

We love the way that food can bring people together as a community, which is one of the things that makes the Harvest Share program so special. Order your 2015 share by March 31stfor the lowest prices of the season and to show the love to the hard-working men and women that grow our local produce!