diced tomatoes

How many of you home-cooking chefs use preserved tomatoes in the kitchen? If you’re proudly raising your hand in front of your computer while reading this – listen closely. We have a new product: Diced Tomatoes!

Tomatoes are delicate to handle and we only preserve the best for you. Our Diced Tomatoes actually allow us to cut down on tomato waste. Some of the fruit that we get is too ripe to can whole for our signature tomato products: Field Ripe Tomatoes with Basil and Field Ripe Tomatoes with Rosemary. The jar of Diced Tomatoes that we’re bringing you lets us use as much of that super-ripe fruit without having to toss an entire tomato because of one blemish.

We know that the tomato is a bit of a “hero” ingredient in the kitchen. Your chilis, braises, and sauces told us so. That’s why we’re so excited to bring you Diced Tomatoes! Let these jars light up your kitchen.